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Many factors sway the quality of decision making. This is where Reconstruct’s new virtual learning tool steps in. DutyDesk can improve the quality and consistency of social work decision-making skills across the profession by testing those skills in typical yet challenging case scenarios.

Lord Laming identifies decisions about the rights of parents and the needs of children as ‘the most onerous of all local government responsibilities’. The risks involved are significant so it is crucial that decisions are careful, balanced and fair.

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DutyDesk provides 'near-to-life' scenarios to give managers and practitioners experience in forming a reflective, analytic view and making the crucial judgements on referrals, assessments and other records. Users are issued two referrals a month, each taking about half an hour to complete, and all of which are linked to relevant policies and up-to-date research.

Alongside the everyday scenarios – created by frontline experienced social workers – is all the information needed to make the best decision: regulations, national research and relevant local procedures. This places local procedures, structured analysis and evidence-based working at the centre of a successful approach that keeps children safe. Some scenarios are computer graded, but 10 are graded by an experienced social work manager against a specimen answer agreed with your authority in advance, setting out "what good looks like".

DutyDesk automatically tracks, records and scores the quality of assessments and decisions made and experienced practitioners provide feedback on some of the quality of work submitted. DutyDesk maintains a record of Post Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) compatible with the requirements of the General Social Care Council.

Cost: £240 for 24 sessions
Expected duration: 1/2 hour per fortnight
Target Audience: Social Workers

Contact us for more information or the opportunity to try out one of our scenarios. email: admin@econstruct.co.uk

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